Easy Cardmaking Projects

Try some Easy Cardmaking Projects, and face that blank card with confidence.

This whole website is dedicated to the new cardmaker who doesn't know where to start with this lovely hobby. 

All the underlined words  are there for you to click and be taken to a new page with more information.

Perhaps you have looked at other peoples cards and thought "I wish I could do that", or browsed the magazines and been inspired by what you see

Well here are some easy projects to get you started and to build your confidence, and then when you are ready to move on try some of the others in the More Projects Section

Throughout the website there are pages to tell you the different techniques you can try, and some really good ideas for making cards.

Some of the ideas in the Gallery are supplied by other visitors to the website, so perhaps you would like to add some of your photos here too

Information for you to make and use sketches effectively is here too, and for your F-R-E-E copy of the"Card Making Sketches" Booklet just leave your email address and it's yours.

Altered Snack Tub

If working with colour worries you then look at the colour wheel for some great tips.

Or alternatively start off with cards using just one colour in different shades, and the page for that is here 

A simple but effective idea is to add your own photos to your projects, to make them really "one ofs."

Take your time and browse around, there is a lot of stuff just for you. And when you have tried these easy cardmaking projects there are a lot more things for you to try.

Everything underlined is a new page and by clicking the links to the projects you will get all the instructions.

I hope you enjoy all these easy cardmaking projects and for weekly tutorial with die cutting pop over to my blog each Tuesday ...

Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls

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