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There is a lot of Cardmaking Software around, from CD's to large programmes, and all of these can help you to produce the most magical effects on your cards.

Many of the larger cardmaking software programmes, that are available to you are really complicated to work with.

And if your not happy with computers then you can get out of your depth quite easily. And they can be very costly too.

But there are also some around that are very easy to use ..... and lots of them are free!

Some are photo management programmes, but they can be used for your crafting purposes.

You just need to play around with them for awhile to build up your confidence and then you will be able to produce some really good effects to enhance your cardmaking

They will store all your photographs and pictures on your hard-drive, and you can then view them in a thumb nail, library that you can organise your self ... to suit the way you want to work.

But the reason I like some of this free stuff, is because of it's versatility and simplicity.

I love a simple life and I get that with my choice of cardmaking software !!

And it keeps all my digital downloads both free and bought in one place for me to work on.

I can add text to my project, or re-size it, scale it and rotate the images if I want too

 So I end up with lots of different permutations from one item.

And don't forget your photo's are editable too. Change the angle, light, contrast, get rid of red eye, and lots of other clever little tricks you may like to use.

They have excellent "User guides" that you can print off before you start. And even online tutorials so you know what to do. It tells you everything you need to know.

Then once you are happy and confident with what you are doing you may want to progress to the more expensive  software and let your imagination fly higher.

I am sure that there is a lot that my card-making software cannot do, and maybe it is not for you,  but it suits my purpose and I am happy to work with it as I learn and grow.

Maybe once I get more confident using this kind of technology then I too will want to move on to the more expensive stuff, that ca sing and dance and make you a cuppa at the same time !!

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