Try the Magic of Craft-fairs, 
you won't be disappointed!

Craft-fairs are held all over the country, indeed all over the world, and are an excellent source for adding crafting  materials to your "Stash"

Inspiration flows out of every stand, and it's not all about cards.

You can sample handmade chocolates, cookies and cakes, sweets and biscuits (always very tempting) And Oh! the chocolate fountain is to die for Mmmm! Mmmm!Mmmm!

Try some unusual cheeses, and stuffed olives. Yoghurt covered nuts and fruit

Sniff the hand produced perfumes, and the gorgeous shaped soaps, that look so realistic.

Look at some top quality handmade jewellery, and the leather or wooden goods.

See the pottery and ceramics that people have created to delight you.

Admire the beautiful photography, and the sketches that are done in front of you, from live subjects. You could even volunteer to be one of the subjects yourself.

Browse the stalls to your hearts content. Purchase all kinds of goodies, gloves, scarfs, knitted baby wear, charms, flowers, paintings.

Why don't you let me know your experiences at any craft-fairs near you.

Where was it, how big, what kind of stalls did you visit.

Tell me what you saw, what tempted you to buy.

Which demonstrations fascinated you. What did you stuff yourself with. Did you take the kids and did they enjoy it.

There maybe workshops going on that you can join in with, or just watch.

See the artist produce a painting in front of your eyes and buy it if you like it. Some offer classes that you can join, to learn a particular technique.

And if it is within your distance of your home town, and you like the work the artist is creating, then pick up a leaflet for more information on the private classes that are run.

The Creative Stitches & Hobbycrafts  website is worth a look. This will tell you where some of the major craft-fairs are and what the theme is for that show.

The atmosphere is lovely, as are the people and we always have a really good day out.

There will be somewhere for that cuppa, and something to eat if you need to replenish.

Everything you need to produce your own creations is there for you to touch, and see, and imagine using on your own work.

Just remember that all this can end up you costing more than you planned. So go with a list of the supplies you want and stick to it... I stick to my list rigidly, despite all the temptation!!

Glitters, glues, buttons, bows, ribbons, brads, eyelets, gemstones, mirror and glitter card are all there and usually cheaper than in the shops, with no compromise on quality.

The list goes on and on, but for the card maker it is truly wonderful.

You can select ready made cards to send, if you prefer, and there are always several stands with crafters who are there to sell their cards.

And if you are a card maker you will appreciate the hours of work that has gone in to producing the cards that you see for sale.

But if you make a lot of cards yourself, and you want to sell some of your work, then why not attend some of these craft-fairs.

Firstly to see what is on offer, and secondly to look at the quality of the products. This will give you a good idea of the competion, and the standard you would need to attain.

If you fancy the idea then pick up a leaflet of the organisers contact details, and give them a ring. They will tell you where and when the fairs are to be held, and how much it will cost you to rent a stall for the day.

Here in the North West of England the Creative Crafts Association  have many craft-fairs running, and their website will give you an up to date list of forth coming events.

Take a look at their site to see where the local events will be, pop along and enjoy.

Your area will do the same kind of thing, just take a look in local papers, and craft shops as well as the web.

The bigger craft-fairs that are run around the country, are well worth a visit too. 

There you will get some of the famous names in crafting, and the larger companies, that are in all the magazines.

They are for cardmakers, scrap-bookers, jewellery makers and carft lovers.

Take a look at their website to find an event near you, but take your cheque book 'coz they are truly tempting!!!

The newest one I have found is called

Sincerely Yours

They have got together to add craft-fairs to areas that have been sadly missed out by the bigger organisers.

Click the link to find a fair in your area, pre-book your tickets online, and take advantage of the free tea and coffee, to give the crafter a rare treat.

And look for more information if you want to become an exhibitor.

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