... to get the magic rolling!

There are essential card-making-materials to purchase when you first start thinking about making your own cards.

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Once you have gathered your basic Equipment then the next thing you need is the Card, which forms the base of your creation, and the Paper, which will adorn it and turn the plain card into something special.

There are many outlets to purchase them from. And many qualities of both.

So shop around and compare prices. Card can be bought from mill shops in boxes and is usually a good deal. You may get 60/70 sheets for less than a fiver.

At that price it doesn't cost the earth if you make a mistake .....and you will!

Try experimenting with different folds in the Card Blanks,  Some of the prettiest shapes can be achieved quite easily.

Take a look at the Easy Projects and then try some of the More Adventurous  pages for other ideas for your cardmaking.

Remember that the card-making-materials you add will make all the difference to your finished design 

And just as important is the glue you use to make it all come together.

There are many to choose from but these are some of the most widely used adhesives

Adding some sparkly Glitter will transform the plain into the wonderful, in one little shake of the pot. Don't be afraid to try other colours of glitter or embossing powders.

Mix some together for your own individual shade, the results can be stunning, and nobody else will have it!

You can also utilise Glitter Glue to make some lovely effects.

Add Charms, Feathers, Lace, Flowers,Gemstones, and those coloured Brads for the luxury look.

Use Beads to add another dimension to your cards.

Try using Eyelets and threading them with Ribbons for yet another idea. There are some fabulous ones around in all shapes and sizes.

And cutting spirals, flowers, stars and other shapes from Die Cuts to add a new image to the card.

And don't forget your growing collection of Rubber Stamps

Collect other useful Embellishments and add them to your card-making-material "Stash"

Craft Stash has a wonderful array of little glitzy things to add to your designs 

Start you own button jar and save them from clothes you no longer wear. Or what about the spare Buttons and beads that come with new garments, do you throw them away?

Start saving them in your jar and use them on your card making projects....waste not, want not....!

Didn't I tell you that your stash would expand quickly!...

All adding to the magic!

And if your hand writing isn't the neatest then don't forget the humble, but very useful Peel Off. to decorate the corners, or add borders and the sentiments you need to finish the card, although they are a little dated now.

There are links at the bottom of the page, to other products.

They may not be essential card-making-materials, but they are some you may want to try out for yourself.


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