This Tent Card is different...
...But easy to create.

Always looking for something different? Then try this Tent Card.

A card with a different style is always satisfying, and will keep your interest in cardmaking alive.

And this one is easy to do, but make a Template and try it out first, until you are confident in making the good one.

The images are colored with Copic Pens.

Step 1

For this you will need to cut yourself two pieces of card 12 x 16cms, and another smaller one 10 x 12cms.

The smallest piece you are going to score and fold in half, and then fold each side back on itself to create a "W" shape.

Step 2

Cover all three of these with the papers of your choice.

And in one of them cut an aperture, with whatever method you have.

This one has been cut using Spellbinders dies.

You could cut yours freehand by measuring in an equal distance, from each side, and cutting it out with a craft knife and metal ruler.

Step 3

Following the "W" shape, fix the full panel to the back of the shape, so that the mountain fold is inside the card.

This will allow the card to fold up and fit inside a standard sized envelope.

Now to decorate the front of this card.

Step 4

Make sure that there is enough space for your image to dangle inside the aperture.

Punch a small hole at the top of the card, and another at the top of the image you are using.

You can attach this using jump rings, but here I have used the fasteners that you can get from the hardware store to attach a bathplug.

I used three of them and squeezed them together with pliers.

Cheap and Cheerful...costing pennies, not £££££'s 

Step 5

Once the image is in place we can add this panel to the front of the "W" shape.

Make sure that it doesn't show above the edge of the panel.

Trim it if needed for a clean look.

The image should now dangle freely in this aperture.

Close the top together with a brad in each corner.

This is what the card looks like from the side view, and shows how the image is in place.

Now comes the good bit...YaaaY!

Step 6

Add all the "Bling" you want to make this Tent Card stand out from the crowd.

I hope you have fun making it, as it really isn't hard to do.


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