Charming Card-Toppers ... 
For all your Projects

Card-toppers are the main focal point that every project needs, whether it's an image or a single flower.

It's the part of the card that draws the eye in and needs to be pretty to grab the recipients interest  

Toppers are basically any thing that you can stick to the top of your card to dress it up.

They can be as plain or as intricate as you want. And I like to add lots to my cards

Perhaps you want a picture of a landscape or an elegant lady to grace your cards.

Or flowers to make it truly feminine

A single flower that can say so much, and a bouquet can make a beautiful display.

You can buy your toppers ready made and there are always a plentiful supply in all the craft shops.

You also get them with some magazines as a freebie too. 

But a really satisfying way is to make your own.

Try stamping out an image and colouring it in with your favourite medium

Or how about digital downloads and there are lots of images to choose from, and lots of companies that are online too..

On the page for matting and layering you will find some ideas to help you create your own stunning toppers to grace your cards.

Take a look at Useful Resources for links to other related websites that can provide various toppers for you to use.

There are companies that sell digital images to create waterfall, tunnel, decoupage and pyramid printable sheets, that you can print over and over again.

How you dress them up is the fun part, and it gives you the opportunity to use all your Embellishments to make them as petty as you like 

These are some inexpensive shop bought Christmas toppers that I got from  Hobbycraft.

They came in a pack of about 20 and they go along way.

They are in different colours, so you could vary your scheme.

Use the backing paper of your choice to match your project, or create your own patterns,  and add the topper with foam pads for extra dimension.

Then just place the sentiment in the appropriate place and there it is.

Some very quick and easy cards to make for all your family and friends.

And don't forget to add
"Handmade by...your  name....." 
to the back of your card.

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