Card-making-equipment you may need

Some basic card-making-equipment is all you need to start the magic rolling.

Take a look around your home before you go to the expense of buying more tools and make use of anything that you have around.

A good starting place is a cutting mat, I use a large self healing one.

(This just means it won't shred to bits when you cut on it) It will also preserve the table top.

But they don't last forever so plan on replacing it once a year.

Don't throw the old one away, add it to your card-making-equipment as it can be used when you are gluing or applying glitters or powders.

Some sharp scissors in various sizes will help for all the tasks when cutting card or papers and should form part of your card-making-equipment too.

Big ones will cut a large sheet of card and the small ones will do finer jobs, such as cutting out images as toppers for your cards.

And keep a pair especially for cutting ribbons as they need to be sharp so as not to fray the edges.

Rounded edge scissors are better for crafting with children

Craft knives are handy to have as they are very sharp and give an excellent edge. But watch your fingers, and don't give them to children to use.

I use disposable ones. They are cheap and when the edge gets blunt just snip it off....and there you have a new sharp blade.

When all the blade ends are used, just throw it away and start again with another one.

A metal edged ruler is better than a plastic one and to me is an essential part of card-making equipment.

They also have the measurements on them in both inches and centimetres which save a lot of working out for you.

The craft knife blade will leave nicks in a plastic one, and ruin the edge of your card or paper.

A really small but useful piece of card-making equipment is the
Bone folder

This will give a professional finish to the spine of the card.

See the difference on one you fold with just your fingers and one with a lovely sharp crease along the spine.

Bone folders are no longer made from bone, just plastic. But they do the job perfectly.

You will find a good selection of tools at

Craft Stash

Don't worry if you don't have one as the back of a spoon or the handle of your scissors will give the same effect.

Below are some of the gadgets you may like to consider as you gain confidence.

Add them to your wish list and get them as you need or can afford them.

Click the links for more information on each piece of equipment, and some projects to get you started.

Blending Tool
Eyelet Setter
Button Maker
Scoring Board
Die Cutting Machine
Paper trimmer
Freestyle Paper Cutting System
Circular Scissors
Glass Cutting Mat
Embossing Folders
Stamp Platforms 

Paper punches
Heat Gun
Xyron Creative Station
Small Printers
Easy Cardmaking Projects
More Projects
Novelty Cards
Kinetic Cards
Most Incredible Stamping Tool Invented

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