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When you send an e-card it can be there in no time at all ... in fact instantly.

Have you ever had that sinking feeling......the one when you realise that you have forgotten a special date?

It is an awful feeling when you are doing something and the date is suddenly brought to mind, and you think... "Oh no!  it's such a persons birthday"... and then aaaaargh!

I forgot to send a card and now it's too late, well despair no more help is at hand.

An E-card is a greeting card that you can send directly to the recipients inbox using your computer and it will be there in no time at all.

They are created using digital media via an on-line publishers website.

It is sent to the recipient via an e-mail,  which is more environmentally friendly than sending a paper card in the post.

It is very versatile and often can contain songs or cartoons.

You make your  choices from an on-line catalogue,  and once you have decided on the design you can then personalise the card by adding your own  message  and their name, adding in a photo or even  a video.

Mostly this service is free but please check first that there is no annual subscription, or other charge before you commit to using their service

I had a card sent to me this year with two mice singing Happy Birthday to me. It was great fun and certainly made me laugh.

E-cards can be saved to your PC for you to view over and over again.

The technology is improving rapidly in this area, but security needs to be uppermost in you mind especially if you are receiving a card.

If you are not certain of the sender of the greeting, then you need to check before opening it and if you do not know the sender then do not open it.

A while ago e-mails where being sent out and when it was opened it was a link to a malicious web site.

But if you are practise caution then this type of greeting can be a lot of fun both to send and to receive and with no more panic or guilty feelings about a forgotten date that was important.

There are now many companies that offer this type of service online so take a look and try sending some cards. You can change the colour and size of the card and choose a font that you like too.

The card is in a little envelope that pops open once it is clicked.

The greeting can say anything you wish and there are different categorises to suit your requirements.

One of the fun ones to try is JibJab Ecards 

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