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Digital downloads are the answer if you want fresh clean papers whenever you need them or an instant image for your cards.

You pay your money and take your pick and there it is ... ready for you to use straight from your printer.

And the best part is that lots of them come to you for F-R-E-E !!

There is nothing worse, than having used your "Best" paper, the one you have been stroking and admiring all this time, for something really special, and going back to the shop for more, only to be told that it's all gone.

The answer to this problem to print your own.

Digitals are the perfect answer for card-making material.

And if like me, you are always ready for a freebie, then there are lots of them around for you.

You download them to your computer, and then when you need a new one, well you just print off the amount you require, and away you go.

No more storage problems and if you have the photo editing software that is can alter the colours as you wish.

And Picasa is f-r-e-e! too.

What could be better?

Many different companies offer many different and lovely designs, and they are not expensive.

And once you have bought these they can be printed over and over again.

You will find many more related websites that offer some wonderful papers and characters in  Useful Resources

 It is not my intention to offend any designers, and the hard work they do to produce their wonderful papers, by just featuring a few, but the ones listed are just some of my favorites.

Once you go searching you may find others that you can make yours.

But be warned.....they are addictive and you will want to collect more and more of the beautiful papers that are around.

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