Adding Photographs...
...Can Make Your Creations Special

Cardmaking can be so much fun, and by adding photographs it can make your creation really special to the person you send it too

Adding a photograph that is relevant to both you and the recipient can bring back some lovely memories for everybody.

Perhaps it is a face that is dear to you, or maybe a scene you shared with a loved one.

Looking back at these treasured memories can be wonderful 

A special place you visited or just something that made you smile. 

Look at the things around you in a different way and take your snap.

How about a leaf, a Christmas tree or decoration you liked, some crockery, a gorgeous wedding shoe or clothing.

Any thing that takes your imagination can be the subject of your card or scrapbook page.

Whatever the snap is about, it can add a personal touch to your cardmaking and turn it into something really special.

And with digital printing being so easy to do, you can add any image that you want, from your own library.

Or scan in some images and size them to the projects that you want to do.

Flip the image or add in something extra to make it stand out.

Choose the ones you want to use and print them out.

These images that I have used where just printed with an ordinary ink jet printer and some inexpensive glossy photo paper.

They may not be the most exciting pictures in the world, and to a real photographer probably very amateurish.

But who cares, to Griff and I they are they are wonderful reminders of some fabulous holidays that we had shared together.

Adding photographs to make your projects truly personal

Then how you dress it up with the stuff that you have in your "Stash" can make it really special.

This was a happy holiday in Spain, and was much appreciated by the person that recieved it.

You may like the idea of adding your photos to enhance your card designs, but you don't feel very confident about your abilities.

Beginner Photography Guide is full of tips and tuition on how you can improve your skills, and take the best photographs that you can to personalise your designs.

Use any embellishments that you have and make it unique.

Then don't forget to add "Handmade by....your name..." on the back and send it to your recipient with love and pride.

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