Shabby Chic Creations

Shabby Chic is a romantic, vintage look for any of your designs from cards and tags to canvas wall plaques and home d├ęcor

This style of card encourages you to add all the pretty embellishments that you have in your "Stash"

Shabby Chic Pink&Beige

I have had so much fun creating these cards and whenever they have been added to my blog pages 
Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls 
    they have had some lovely comments and it seems that many of you too like this type of look

To help you I have added individual video tutorials of the Shabby Chic cards that I have made and they are all there for you to access and follow along with me.

Scroll Down The Page !!

You may have seen many examples around of this style of card and maybe you like it or maybe you are one of the people who think it is too fussy for your particular way.

Or perhaps you just aren't too sure of how to get this many items on one card and still have that classy look.

So if you do like it then this is the page to visit to give you some ideas of how they are made

Shabby Chic Video Tutorials 

Shabby Chic Blue and Beige
Shabby Chic Lilac and Lemon
Shabby Chic Round Birthday Card
New Baby Card with Tonic-Gold

Each of these photos is a clickable link to the video that will show you how each one was created.
More will be added as each card is made 

They are all done in the Shabby Chic style that brings the look of romance to your designs.

They each use different elements that are brought together to give this soft and vintage feel and you may have many of them already in your crafting "Stash"

With this look you can add beautiful blooms with leaves and flourishes tucked around them for your display. Try fabric flowers or dried flowers and leaves for another touch. Adding white Gesso or Acrylic paint to the petals gives them that faded look and glitter adds that sparkle

Add in pearls or diamante and metal embellishments are always popular on these card.

Resin picture frames that will fit on a card are another item you may want to add. And adding raised areas with texture pastes and stencils gives a lovely effect.  Sprinkle on embossing powder too in the colours that you like.

Sprays, tints, water colours, inks, alcohol refills, are just some of the things that you can use to give your designs that personal touch and there are many more items that you can use.

String, pasta, sand, egg shells, rice are all things that can be added to a canvas to give it special look and all you need to do is give it a try and play.

But most of all you need to have fun and enjoy this creative process and who knows where it will lead you in the months ahead.

Two websites that I visit often offer all kinds of "Goodies" for this style of card and this is just a small list ...

Wild Orchid Crafts for flowers, leaves, resin frames and metal embellishments, beads, ribbon sliders, lace and brads ..
 AnnaMarie Designs for dried flowers, berries, Gesso, paints, pastes, stencils, chipboard

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