Be adventurous and try some...
...Gatefold Cards

Why not have a go at making really elegant Gatefold Cards  if you are wanting to try something a little more adventurous, and as your confidence grows you will want to make cards in other styles too.

They are very easy to do and yet look so special. And of course the way you dress it up can make  it look  really lovely. 

To make your own Gatefold cards take a sheet of A4 card in your chosen colour for your base.

It  will measure about 30 x 21 cms, and lay it flat on your work top.

From one of the short sides measure in 10cms, then crease and fold it as described in cardblanks.

From the other short side measure in 5cms and do the same.

This will produce an "Off Centre Gatefold".

And the  picture shows you what it will look like.

Creating your base from foiled or mirror card can give some spectacular results. But you can get spectacular results using dies 

This card has ben created with one of the Designer Front Die Sets and very easily turned into a Gatefold card

Just fold the card as described and let the dies do all the intricate workd for you.

Now comes the fun part of dressing it up to suit the occasion you are making it for.

I made this one as a  Valentines Day card, but yours could be for any occasion that you wanted ... birthdays, anniversaries,

It would make a very pretty Wedding card too. Add lace and gemstones or pearls  for a really luxurious look. 

The large hearts are  dry embossed from an embossing board and I have used silver mirror card
The heart paper is made slightly smaller.

Another way to create the card is by measuring the same  distance from each side (7.5cms)  then scoring and folding the side panels in.

This will produce an Equal Gatefold.

This card is given a completely different treatment, making it into a child's card,  but is just as charming whichever way you decide to measure.

The image is of Popcorn the Bear and he is from Crafters Companion  

It's up to you how you dress your card and you can use your imagination as to what effects you can produce.

Be adventurous and give it a try... and this is another card idea to add to your repertoire

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