Easel Card ... easy card !

If you are new to cardmaking, then this Easel card is a good one to start with, and yet looks different

These pretty little cards are a good place to start if you have never made your own cards before.

They are just a bit different from a basic fold and yet easy to achieve.

If you prefer to learn visually then you will find lots to watch in the Video Tutorial section

You can also find variations on this card that are just as easy to achieve with step by step instructions.

Double Version of the card
Twisted Card
Double Twisted Easel Card
Triple Easel
Triple Twisted Easel
Quad Easel
Gatefold Easel

Choose the card, topper and the sentiment that you want to use, and any embellishments that you would like to add.

Here's how to make it... 

Step 1

Take your piece of card and fold it in half.

Measure the size of the front as this will be where your decorative panel is attached.

Fold one side in half again.

Step 2

Cut a piece of your fancy card to cover the whole of the front of the card, (the size you measured earlier)

Add your chosen topper to the panel.

I used double sided tape on the lower part and attached it to the folded flap.

The top part of this decorative panel should be free. (As in the photo)

Step 3

This is what the card will look like from the side, once you have the panel in place.

Make a small label to add to the bottom, I layered mine with silver mirror card and I added a Birthday greeting.

Fix this in place with foam pads, for the top flap to wedge onto. It acts as a stopper.

Step 4

The front can then decorated with any embellishments you have in your stash.

Flat back pearls, little mulberry flowers and glitter.

The top will fold flat, to fit into a standard sized envelope, and then it fits neatly into the stopper, and the  card stands freely.

The panel on this card has been made to cover one side and looks just as good.

Paper hearts and gemstones are added to the side, and the bottom label holds the card in place.

Try some for yourself...you'll soon get the hang of them!

Easy peasy and very pretty!

And if you prefer to use a die set instead then you will find different shaped dies at Craft Stash  some are pictured below 

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