Card Making Occasions

There are lots of card making occasions throughout the year when you need something really special. And this is the ideal time for you to work your own brand of magic.

Shop bought cards can be expensive and may not be exactly what you want, but handmade ones are extra special, and what better reason do you need to have a try at making your own.

They will be unique to you. No one else will have the same card as you ever.

Even if you make them for others to send to there family and friends too.

No matter how many times you make a card there will always be something different on each and every one

There are lots of ideas on many occasions in the NavBar to your left.

Look in Easy Projects if you are new and then move onto the advanced ones in More Projects if you feel more confident.

Just a simple "Thinking of you" card can make someones day for them.

Or that thoughtful "Get Well" wish to make someone feel cared for.

Thank You cards are always received well and wishing someone "Bon Voyage" is a novel idea if they are off on some adventure.

The only limit to the occasion is your imagination, wherever you are.

Some ideas are the ones that come round year after year, Birthdays, Christmas and Valentines Day, Mothers/ Fathers Day.

Party Invitations are another reason to get busy, and theme the colours to the season the party is in. BBQ's can be really fun times.

Fancy dress parties can have a really card with the cartoon characters on the front.

A card for no other reason than to tell someone you love them is always well received, and we don't have enough love in the world.

And of course even the sad occasion of a Sympathy card needs your extra special care in the making of it.

So get ready for the card making occasions in your calender and enjoy yourself at the same time.

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