Making Shaped Cards..
... for added interest to your creations

Making shaped cards can produce some really unusual effects, and add a lot of interest to your designs 

All the fancy equipment to make cards is all well and good ... but what happens if you can't get this equipment in your country or the funds won't stretch that far

Well these ideas are for those who want to make something a little different and they are all very easy to achieve using everyday things that we all have in our homes

Though obviously a scoreboard to give you really sharp creases is wonderful, if you have one.

This round card is achieved simply by drawing around a plate from my kitchen cupboard.

Leave the top of the plate just overhanging the spine, and that will keep the back and front joined, otherwise your card will be two separate rounds.    Whooooops!

The joined part can then be placed to the left or at the top as in the  picture

How you decorate the finished shape is then up to you but look at all your embellishments to see if they can be used.

Think about the recipient, what is their favourite color,  and what they like and that will give you some ideas.

For some of the more adventurous shapes you will need to do some measuring though, so a good metal ruler and a sharp craft knife are essential.

Use a self-healing cutting mat  under your work, so you don't leave a permanent reminder in your best table top.... not a good idea !!

All the shapes are fun to do and once you get used to the measurements they are relatively easy

Have a practise first on paper  or cheap card, and make all the measurements in coloured markers, as I have, then they are easier to follow.

Making mistakes on this first won't waste your good card stock.

(And I made lots of mistakes at the start...)

But once you have it right keep these templates,  as reminders for the future, when you  want to make some more shaped cards....and you can't remember how you did it! (Done that too!!)

So click on the individual links to take you to pages where you can find out more about all these lovely shapes that you can create.

Have fun!

For small gifts take a look at the Memory Books and the Word Book pages for some really cool ideas

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