Adding Flowers To Cards...
for a really feminine touch

What woman doesn't like them, and adding flowers to cards makes them something to treasure.

This lovely addition to your cards comes in a vast array of colours, sizes and textures and they can really make your cards stand out as something unique

Adding these beautiful embellishments to you cards, especially the really "Girly" ones can make them stand out from the crowd.

And I haven't met anybody yet that doesn't love the effect.

In real life they fade and die so quickly and then they are gone.

Such beautiful creations should last forever as they give so much pleasure.

Well! by adding them to your designs they will be around for a lot longer.

And the short video Small Flower Corsage will show you how to make a really stunning addition to your cards.

If you wanted to change the color of white flowers to match your designs then another video tutorial  Coloring Ribbons and Flowers  will show you how to do that

Floral display with turquoise flowers

Often the recipient will keep a handmade card as a treasured memory of you and the beautiful card that you have created for them.

Use two or three, of different sizes, layer them up in colour combinations for a stunning effect.

Sprinkle them with Glitter or simply add a Gemstone to the centre.

Add them in groups, to frame your image, and add in some smaller flower buds, just as the florist would do.

Maybe add some punched leaves to the back of the bouquet

Let the tutorial give you some ideas of how to add flowers for a beautiful display on your cards.

Floral display with Pink Flowers

A single flower can say so much when added to the right kind of card.

It is an option to consider, especially if you are asked to make a "Sympathy" card.

Most of  these flowers are available from Wild Orchid Crafts

If you want to add your own handmade flowers then click the links to find more  ways to make them

If you want to add your own handmade flowers then click the links to find more  ways to make them.
Paper flowers.
Punched flowers.
Organza Flowers
Zipper Roses

Any of these will give a lovely effect incorporating the colours you have used to make the card.

You will find many examples of cards with flowers on them throughout the website, and I hope they will give you much more inspiration

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