Adding Charms for that Special Touch 

Charms add a luxury dimension to your creations and can be attached in a number of ways. They were very popular sometime ago but seem to have dropped out of favour now

The video tutorial will show you how I use them ...scroll down then relax as you watch and maybe we will start a revival of these lovely little objects

They come in a rainbow of colours, as well as gold and silver, to match all themes.

 You can also change the look of metal charms your self and there is a video tutorial to show you how 
Altering Metal Charms 

There are Dragon flies Angels, snowmen, fruits, flowers, leaves, stars, snowflakes, any thing you desire, and they all look fabulous.

Just choose one that compliments your design 

Brads are useful if there is a hole at the top. Just poke the brad through the hole and attach to the card

Make a small cross on the card in the position you want it to be, and push the closed pins through. Open the pins on the inside of the card.

When using adhesives make sure it is suitable to hold the metal in place. Glossy Accents is a really strong glue.

Silicone is very good and some glue dots also do the job well

Check the packaging before you buy.

Another way is to attach it with narrow ribbon. Thread this through the hole and attach the ribbon to the card with a brad, leaving the charm to hang freely.

Alternatively use thread, and then either attach as you would the ribbon or use glue to secure the ends. Or with a  needle  stitch it to the card. 

There are small clasps ... called Lobster Clasps ... and you can add the one you choose to these with a jump ring.

This can then just be clipped to some adornment on your card. For instance a piece of lace or ribbon, or a die cut that has been used.

You can also use these Lobster Clasps with a length of twine and they are often used on mobile phones to add some beaded decoration.

The little  heart shaped tag has been fastened to the silver die cut swirl and says....

"Handmade with Love"

My favourite technique is to use jump rings with a length of thin chain, and fasten beneath a flower, with the brad.

This silver Strawberry is fastend to the back of the flower, and hangs loosely, along the left hand side of the card.

A very pretty way to add dimension to your special cards.

Remember to add

"Handmade by... "your name"..."

on the back of the card.

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