Eyelets are a useful addition to any card makers "stash", and they can be used in a multitude of ways.

Try adding ribbon in beautiful colours to match or contrast your cards.

Use these little additions, either as a way of attaching the ribbon, or threading it through the holes in a card.

This picture shows the use of both together.

A row of holes was made with the special setter tool, on the right of the card.

The top three are then looped with white organza ribbon.

The holes in the lower right hand corner are left open.

Very simple, easy to achieve but oh! so effective.

You can buy a simple setter tool, that is used with a small hammer, and this is sufficient to do the job.

A hole is punched into the card.

Pass the metal through and then set into the card, using the tool and the hammer.

The back is curled under, with a tap of the hammer, securing it to the card. Choose your work area carefully though as you do not want to cause hammer rash on your best dining room table.

And this form of setting can also be very noisy and maybe not a good idea if you have dexterity problems

But you can also buy eyelet setters that make the job a lot easier and far less noisy. My personal choice is the Cop-O-Dile and you will find more information on this in  Eyelet Setters

There are two versions of this particular tool and the one you decide on can depend on your budget 

Not as cheap as the basic one but it can save you a whole lot of work. Shop around for the best price and start adding some pretty effects to your cards and projects 

This card was made using two different patterned papers before gluing to the card base.

The velvet ribbon was threaded through the holes and tied in a bow.

A very effective look and the butterflies are decoupaged.

There are lots more ways to use these and all you need is your imagination.

If this is something you would like to do a lot of then consider buying a

Crop-A-Dile Setter

And this beautiful project is another of those snack tubs that has been altered into something useful instead of being confined to the trash can

More ideas for this can be found ...

Treasure Box
Pringles Tub

A selection of Eyelets and the tool itself are available from

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