Mica Powders ...
add sparkle to your cards

Mica powders,  tiny little particles that can add a whole new look to your creations.

These lovely additions leave a shimmer on top of your your  coloring in,  and can be used in lots of different ways.

There are many different brands that have the mica in them so shop around until you find the one you prefer.

But remember that not all Micas are equal and the cheaper ones may be a big disappointment to you.

The ones featured here are good quality  Cosmic Shimmer and they are available in sets of six.

They come in little pots, complete with a small brush and a spritzer bottle.

Add a small amount of powder to a paint palette and add a couple of drops of water, (a little goes a long way)  Mix thoroughly.

Then use them to colour in your stamped images, to give a pearlescent shimmer, and by using a  brush nothing will be wasted.

Don't throw away what you don't use, because although it will dry out it can be revived again just by spritzing it with a little water, ready for you to use again.

Change the look of your  embossing by adding one of the  mica colors to your clear embossing powder to produce your own unique shade.

Then emboss with a heat gun as normal.  

Add a small amount of powder to a spritzer bottle, and shake it up thoroughly with a small amount of water.

Then spray from a short distance, over any of your papers to add a completely different look. Spritz your flowers  too, they can look really good with a little shimmer.

And again don't throw away what you don't use as it can be shaken up, to re-distribute the mica, and used again.

It's worth buying some extra small spritzer bottles.

I got some from the local supermarket for 50p

Another technique is to cover your plain card with a Versamark Ink pad, and then with the small brush dust a small amount of the powders on to it.

Then blend them in for a pleasing effect. Stick to two or three colors, and don't over blend or they will blur and lose their appeal.

When you are happy with the result then spray the card with some cheap hairspray to set the pigment.

The technique with the  Brayered paper  has used the gold Cosmic Shimmer, and the result is just fabulous.

Experiment for yourself, I am sure you will come up with lots of ways to put these mica powders to work.

Take a look at Arteza for a fabulous array of Mica colours that you can do  endless effects with.

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