Eyelet Setter

An Eyelet Setter is something to consider if you wish to use this technique of using eyelets a lot on your designs.

It is is a really useful tool to buy and comes with various  price tags

Although  you can buy a small setter and use it with a hammer and get  adequate results, it is rather noisy to use, not a good idea if you have a headache...

It can also damage your work  surface if you don't use it carefully. Not a good idea if you are on your best dining room table 

It's wise to shop around if you prefer the more sophisticated models as you are sure to find a bargain somewhere.

This  pictured one is called  the "Crop-A-Dile", and it came complete with an assortment of eyelets in different sizes for me to use.

The pink handles need to be squeezed, and it has two different sizes of holes.

Full instructions are given with the tool.

It has a middle of the road price tag, and most good Craft shops should  stock it.

Extra eyelets can be bought separately in other colors, shapes as well as patterns once these that came with the setter are used.

But you can use the tool to simply create a pattern in your card if you have run out of eyelets

This one is the "Big Bite" and you can find a good deal on the internet

This is the best option if you have dexterity problems, as all it needs is a press down of the handle.

Much easier to use.

Made by the same company, and is the big sister of the "Crop-A-Dile".

This is the desk top version and is free standing.

It also makes two different sizes of holes.

The rubber feet on the bottom of the stand stop it sliding around.

I keep it on my work surface all the time, so that it is always ready for use.

But this is the more expensive to buy.

It really is down to personal choice and your budget, but I am sure you won't regret your purchase once you have made it.

You can make many pretty designs on your cards with this useful piece of equipment and then thread ribbon or laces through the holes you create

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