Spectrum Noir Hair

The Spectrum Noir Hair tutorial will show you how to get the results you want from these lovely pens.

I am continuing with this delightful baby image as it is such a pleasure to work with.

And the paper is still a 160gsm with a smooth uncoated finish.

If at any time you are not happy with the results you are getting ... then look carefully at the type of paper you are using.

It needs to be smooth and it should allow the ink to show through at the back of the it as this will give you good results and allow the pens to blend together correctly.

In the introduction to these pens I said the only drawback was that the numbers wore off the pen tops quite qucikly.

I had a wonderful tip sent in by one of my YouTube followers... and because it is so simple and easy to do I had to share it as I have no doubt that many of you will be following this top tip.

Miriam suggested that each pen top be coated with a clear laquer before they are used and that would prevent the loss.

And so I spent some time yesterday coating all my pens ... top and bottom with ... clear nail varnish ... to stop the wear and keep my pens clearly marked with the colour catagory.

The other videos in this series are ...

Spectrum Noir Introduction

Spectrum Noir Pale Skin

Spectrum Noir Dark Skin

Spectrum Noir Clothes Part 1

Spectrum Noir Clothes Part 2

Spectrum Noir Background

and more will be added as I go along. I hope you wil find them all useful in your efforts to get a good result from Alcohol Marker Pens especially if you are new to them.

The Colour Class Series is to your right.

Here is the video for Spectrum Noir Hair...

Take your time and enjoy the process. Colouring should be something you do to relax and take you to another dimension... not something that stresses you out.

If you don't enjoy it then it will be something that you won't want to do and so you will be missing out on a really great way to unwind.

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