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Colour Class Browns

This introduces you to the Colour Class Browns which is another of the six pens sets from Spectrum Noir.

They are a very easy set to work with that can produce different effects for hair and fur on many of the animal images that you may want to add to your cards.

In this series I am dealing only with the six pens sets so that you can build up your confidence and your collection at the same time.

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... and more will be added as we work our way through the pens.

If you are totally new to alcohol pens then
Spectrum Noir Introduction
wiil tell you all about these particular ones from
Crafters Companion

There are links to more tutorials on other aspects of colouring on that page and all will tell you clearly how to get the end result.

This short video will help you to gain the confidence you need to pick up those pens that you have been hoarding and get to work.

The image used is from the CD "The Next Big Thing"
from  Just Inklined  and there are some really cute characters on there for you to colour.

The background to this image has also been created with the same pens used to colour the monkey.

All you need is a ruler to help you draw the straight lines.

You can have a backing paper that matches any colour scheme that you decide to use.

Never agin rummage around for a paper to go with what you have coloured ... just use the pens and away you go.

There is also a tutorial that will show you how to create another type of backing and that one uses some Acetate

Your pens are so versatile that you will want to practise with them whenever you can and the backing is one way to see just what you can achieve with them

Spectrum Noir Backgrouind creates a special kind of look to your designs.

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