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As this website grows I will be adding new techniques and ideas for you to try, and as it is aimed at new card makers I have tried to keep things easy to follow.

Some of the terms may not be known to you, I know how I had to learn what each different thing was when I started and some times it's not easy finding the explanation.

But it is a very rewarding hobby and one I am sure you will enjoy. So if you don't know where to start then read and enjoy these pages and try some of the projects and ideas you will find.

They will help you to put together a card that you will be proud to give and to say "I made it!"

Try some of the different folds and shapes, and more will be added as I learn them too.

I can't say enough that you don't need any special skills, this is something you can do and is a great way to spend some of your spare time.

I started card making as a hobby but it soon becomes addictive, and your "stash" will grow rapidly.

I have tried to give you some ideas on how to store your precious bits and pieces, and I am now getting contributions from visitors to the website, and for that I thank you sincerely.

I also have a new blogspot and I would love you to join the growing band of followers over there too.

Flowers Ribbons and Pearls

Building this website is not something I ever thought I could do....but here I am. So it is a new adventure for me and one I hope you will participate in.

Please add your contributions and help to make it grow. If there is something as a new card maker you would like to know then please ask.

I will try to answer all your queries, and perhaps some one else, that visits these pages may also have an answer for you.

And if you are a seasoned card maker then please share your knowledge and expertise with those who want to learn.

Quickly & easily color your rhinestones, brads, plastic buttons, and pearls to match

Instead of buying colored rhinestones, brads, plastic buttons, or pearls that you use for embellishments, color them with your craft pens - alcohol markers

Continue reading "Quickly & easily color your rhinestones, brads, plastic buttons, and pearls to match"

Thank You Bow Card

This is my first attempt at at making a Bow Card and I was quite chuffed with how it turned out. I hope you like it too. I cut out the templates that

Continue reading "Thank You Bow Card "

Baby Powder and Glue

I have noticed that there are times that I tend to get glue all over my hands. I have found that baby powder will help to take off the sticky from the

Continue reading " Baby Powder and Glue"

octagonal box and frame

Christina, I am so loving your collection. I have quite a lot of items from your collection and just recently my lovely friend bought me the octagonal

Continue reading "octagonal box and frame"

Blunt scissors are a nightmare

If you use a butcher knife sharpener to sharpen craft scissors and fabric scissors take the knife sharpener and use your scissors as tho your cutting paper

Continue reading "Blunt scissors are a nightmare "

Zoe & Steve Wedding

My youngest son was getting married in August and having made the Save the date cards, invitations and table labels, I wanted to make them a special wedding

Continue reading "Zoe & Steve Wedding"

Glue in the Wrong Place

I have, on many occasions used too much glue and when I put it together it squeezes out where I don't want it to be. In the past I have thrown away projects

Continue reading "Glue in the Wrong Place"

Sentiment Cutting and Stacking

I like to stack my sentiments like happy birthday, best wishes etc. but I am a complete klutz when gluing them together. I usually end up sticking them

Continue reading "Sentiment Cutting and Stacking"

Jennifer Swandells 2018

Jennifer Swandells 2018

Continue reading "Jennifer Swandells 2018"

Exploding box

This is my first attempt at making the exploding box and I followed instructions to the letter. I thoroughly enjoyed making it and am quite pleased with

Continue reading "Exploding box"

New Techniques

These four cards are all using the dies and stamps from the Christina collection - two with the 5 x 7 collection and two with the 6 square collection.

Continue reading "New Techniques"

Christina Collection

Christina Collection from Card Making Magic

Continue reading "Christina Collection "

distress ink practice

These three cards are made using watercolour card, distress ink background and Lavinia stamps fairy stamps. I've slowly been collecting a few distress

Continue reading "distress ink practice"

Jenny Cottam 2018

Jenny Cottam 2018

Continue reading "Jenny Cottam 2018"

Applying glue to small pieces.

I was given this tip and I have found it really good. Instead of trying to add glue to small embellishments like Happy Birthday and Good Wishes etc.,

Continue reading "Applying glue to small pieces."

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic cards for the vintage feel to your creations.

Continue reading "Shabby Chic"

Cards for a cause

As you can see the cards are very simple, I use a stamp, dye ink and alcohol markers. And I’m still learning the coloring technique. I started making

Continue reading "Cards for a cause"

Frances Martin 2018

Frances Martin 2018

Continue reading "Frances Martin 2018"

Christmas card and Box

I watched the YouTube tutorial you did with the Christina collection and just had to buy them.. they arrived in the mail last Wednesday and I was so inspired

Continue reading "Christmas card and Box"

Stamp Platforms

Stamp Platforms are designed to help you get perfect results every time

Continue reading "Stamp Platforms"

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