Tri-fold Card Tutorial

Watching this Tri-fold Card Tutorial will help you to give you some variation to your new hobby and  will give you more ideas on what to do with your  basic A4 card

A Tri-fold Card is  one of the easiest to produce and yet can look very impressive when it is adorned in some of your pretty papers, and of course any "Bling"  that you have in your crafting "Stash"

Clicking this link to the  Tri-fold Card  page will give you the written basics for the fold, and some pretty ideas of how to dress it.

But this short video will give you several more ideas for other ways to use the fold.

Most of us buy the simple A4 card, and then sometimes most of us just get bored with simply folding it in half.

So here are some some new ideas of what to folding it into three section instead!

It can have a multitude of uses and you can dress it up any way you like

Add a matted and layered stamped image to the card or add in some of the intricate die cut shapes

Or how about some  Flowers, Beads,  or brightly coloured  Gemstones or indeed any other Embellishments you have to make it extra special.

But whatever you do ... have fun with this fold or any of the others that are shown on the Tri-fold Card Tutorial.

For still more ideas on folding, take a look at the Basic Cardfolds Tutorial

And when the card is finished don't forget to add an Insert, to complete the look

Tri-fold Card Inserts

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