Painting Your Dress Form

Painting your Dress Form in pretty colours will give you a really beautiful look in easy steps ... and you will be so pleased with the look once it is done.

Miniature Dress Forms

In the tutorial  Miniature Dress Forms 
 I showed you how to get a fabulous look using a stamp and  a box of ordinary, everyday  tissues that most of us have around.

But what happens if you don't have a suitable stamp or even some tissues in the house ????

Well this tutorial will take you down a completely different  route and show you how to decorate the form with the aid of a small pot of Acrylic paint instead... and a small pot will go a long way.

You could even try this with the tester pots of paint from the local DIY store

The look can be just as effective and then you can dress it up from the embellishments that you already have in your "Stash"  ... anyway you wish.

I coloured the whole of the form with some pale paint and then gave the top of the body two coats of Flesh coloured paint for a really authentic look.

The pictured one has Maribou trim and red roses on the dress, the hat and the stand.

These Dress Forms are from  IndigoBlu  and come complete with the  stand 

So make your self a cuppa and let the short video show you how to achieve the look you want in easy to follow steps.

This is the  Little Black Dress  that was done in the film but you will of course need to leave it on one side to dry completely before you can move to the next step.

 I  decided to add some beautiful Diamant√© "Bling" from Want2Scrap  for a really glamorous look.

I placed it around the bottom of the skirt area and then along the bodice and another piece over the shoulder to look like a strap

The picture on the right shows you how you can make it even more special by the addition of the skirt and all I used was a length of tassel braid to dress it up.

So the next tutorial will be showing you how you can add a skirt to your own dress form, for an even more feminine look

Adding the Skirt

There are also two other tutorials featuring another new style hats that you can try

Dress Form Hat
Dress Form Hat Another Style

Time noiw to get out those embellishments ... feathers, ribbons, pearls, diamante, lace, tulle and anything else you have lurking in the back of your "Stash" cupboard.

Things you may have forgotten about but then go a long way to making yours really pretty as you follow along with me in the Painting Your Dress Form tutorial

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