Dress Form Skirt

Create a gorgeous Dress Form Skirt and make your mannequin look really feminine.

It's the attention to detail that will make this something special and something that you will be proud to give as a gift to any of your girly friends. I made mine for my Grand Daughter.

Or maybe you just want one to keep for yourself.

In the video Painting your Dress Form this was the mannequin that was created.

Along the edge of the dress I have added in a tiny flower trim  to create the halter neck style.

Then I added  a rosebud to the centre to hide the join.

But because I wanted to add in the skirt as a finishing touch I did nothing more to the form.

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So here is the tutorial that will show you how I created the skirt and you don't need any sewing skills at all.

I used a glue gun and  some super sticky double sided tape and here is what I came up with...

The flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts  and I have glued them in place on the net skirt.

Sadly Wild Orchid Crafts will no longer ship to the UK, and as yet I haven't found a really good replacement, at their kind of prices 

The trim around the skirt is the same  one  that I have used around the neckline and it just ties everything in together for the complete look..

In previous videos we have already created one  Dress Form Hat  

One style had a domed crown and to create that  we used a Polystyrene ball to make the dome.

But I have added another short video to give you an alternative style  for the hat that is very easy to do.

The stand that has been used for this particular dress form has been made by my "Film Crew"

It is more sturdy and decorative than the original one, and this one I have painted black.

But I have used the same ribbon and flowers to decorate it and that will also tie everything in together.

I hope you like these tutorials and will add any of your own creations to the Gallery 
You can add four photographs at any one time ... either the same mannequin from four different angles or four different mannequins the choice is yours.

The other way to add pattern to your Dress form is the tutorial
 Miniature Dress Form  

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