When I started Cardmaking-Matting-and-Layering was a term I had never heard of  and I had no idea how to get the result.

I didn't have a clue what it meant.

 So if you are feeling the same way then this short video will explain to you how to get the look for your self.

In another short video  Cardmaking-Choosing-Colours  I tried to help you overcome the fear of putting colours and pattern together.

But this video will take things one step further on and show you how, by adding the layers to your papers, you can achieve a very professional look.

If the papers you have chosen have a busy feel to them then by adding in plain layers the whole effect will be calmed down and the over all look of the finished card becomes much more pleasing. 

And if you use Specialised Card like glitter card or mirror board then the look will be even more luxurious once the design is finished.

The video is very short but covers the basic steps that you may like to try when you start out with this lovely hobby.

You will also find a written explanation if you prefer to read about Matting and Layering

But that will you show the technique using Inking the edges to seperate the layers rather than adding in the plain mat.

And I think adding in the plain mat gives a much more pleasing look to the cardmaking-matting-and layering technique ... but the choice is yours.

In all areas of cardmaking-matting-and-layering your efforts will get better and better the more you do.

But my aim is to help you get to that stage a lot quicker than if you struggled on by yourself.

After all what nicer feeling is there than to have some one amazed at the card you have just given to them and see the look of appreciation on their face when you tell them that you have made that just for them.

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