Pop Up Box

Creating a Pop Up Box can be so easy even if you don't have the dies to help you. 

Let the video show you how to make this beautiful gift and dress it up any way you like to suit your recipient ... in the colors of your choice.

Floral Pop Up Box

There is no mistaking the popularity of this type of box card at the moment as they seem to be everywhere.

Some are less full and the design of the box enables you to push it flat ready for posting in an envelope.

But I like to add lots of dimension to my little box card and I have filled it with flowers and leaves

There is a box die on the market at present that helps you to make this shape very easily and you can find that tutorial here ...Spellbinders Pop Up Box

I have made this pretty pink box to suit a babys' birth or Christening and dressed it with some gorgeous blooms and white leaves from Wild Orchid Crafts

I have selected Roses, Lilies, Chrysanthemums and Rose buds along with some long stemmed Gypsophillia and I have used a hot glue gun to hold them in place

Please take care if you are using a glue gun as they get very hot and the melted glue will burn you if you are not careful. And NEVER allow children to use them.

So with all the flowers in my box card it is never going to fit into an envelope and so I will be adding ...  very soon ... a box that is large enough to put this gift into  for you to give as something really special

All my videos all take you step by step through the stages needed to create the item and all you need to do is follow along with me.

Pause the video if there is something you need to clarify and as I always advise you ... make a ´╗┐template´╗┐  and keep it safe for the next time you want to make the Pop Up Box

I hope you will give this project a try and add others things to your box like  Fairies, balloons or butterflies for the girls.

Footballs, aeroplanes or cars for the boys ... in fact anything that you wish can grace your design 

If you have the die then the other tutorial will show you how to use it but I appreciate that not everybody can afford to buy it or even get it in the country they live in.

So now there is no reason to miss out on creating this box and you don't need a die to make it 

Once you have completed your Pop Up Box you will need something to give it in

So I have made a video tutorial to show you how to get an outer box that will fit and make it something really special for your recipient

Create a Gift Box  

A Box for a Box !!

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