Double Zig Zag Card

Single or Double Zig Zag Card ... the decision is yours

Having choices when you are making cards is what keeps the interest going and if that can happen from one particular fold then so much the better. 

This card looks intricate but it is so very easy to do and to make the basic Tri-fold card there are also  Written Instructions in case you prefer to learn by reading 

Once you have the basic shape you may want to look at other ideas on what to do with it.

And as you gain more confidence maybe you would want to add other things to it instead of the flowers

Time now to grab that cuppa, sit back and relax as you watch this short video which will give you some new and different ways that you may like to try with your Tri-fold Cards. 

Make the card from two matching pieces of your cardstock for a lovely elegant look.

Or you can ring the changes and have two different coloured ones that will work together ... and another idea could be to use some Mirror card or any of the other beautiful Specialised Card

Using double sided card can make a change also and will be viewed from any angle

The flowers can be from whatever you have in your "Stash" and both of my cards are a mixture of both die cuts and paper flowers

I buy mine from Wild Orchid Crafts

Paper punched, silk or Mulberry flowers all will make your creation special.

Or maybe you would like to try making your own, from ribbon or organza, and you will find several Tutorials for flower making that would all be suitable additions to the card.

On this one I have used die templates from Spellbinders

The effect is very pretty, and it is a very "girly" card.

But it can be suitable for all occasions and even for your male cards... if you can bear to leave the flowers off... (Sigh!!)

If you wanted to you could leave your card as the single variation and it is quick and easy to do. I have used a pinch to decorate the edges of mine and added in punched butterflies and some stain ribbon

But because this is such a pretty effect then I hope you will give the Double Zig Zag card a try.

And don't forget to add your designs to the Gallery Page

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