Copic Marker Pens

Copic Marker Pens are the secret to some really professional results.

Have you admired the effects achieved by some card makers when they colour in?

Do you wish you could get the same look on your own work?

These  pens have been around for a long time and are the choice of the professionals, but they  will make your colouring in look so good, you will be proud to show it to every body.

You can get the some good results with just a little practise.

As children we have all enjoyed felt tip pens ... even though they rubbed holes in your paper.

Well the felt tip pen is far more sophisticated these days and they are the  perfect way to achieve professional results to your colouring in, and they come in a huge array of colours.

These images have been coloured with Copic Ciao pens and although the pens are not cheap to buy, they produce some fantastic results.

They come in colour families and are wonderful to blend together to give lovely results.

The same stamp has been coloured in two different ways to produce two very different looking cards.

Choose 2/3 skin tones and maybe 2/3 related colours to blend, (e.g. Shades of blue for jeans), and perhaps 1/2 colours to make contrast to start your collection. 

Lots of different results can be achieved with a small collection of these pens and they can be bought individually, or in small sets of four or five colour related pens.

There is also the choice of larger sets pens ... but they are a considered purchase so choose your colors wisely

They give  plenty of scope and they will keep you amused for hours

Look on the internet for some good deals on alcohol marker pens, or any other materials  you decide to use.

A good Blog to visit for tutorials on how to use Copic Marker Pens is

"I Like Markers" by Marianne Walker.

And for excellent relaxing viewing on YouTube  you need to visit two of my favourite colourists

Kelly Latevola

Sandy Allnock 

You will not be disappointed if you want to learn about Copics from either of them and Kelly is the storyteller whenever she is colouring and some of them are hilarious to listen to.

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