This Flip Card Tutorial...
...Will Show You How It's Done!

Do you want to make cards that look different? Then try this Flip Card Tutorial and make this pretty card.

People learn using different methods...some like to read instructions, others prefer to be shown.

I like to see what I am sinks in better!

So here is a short tutorial to show you how to make this specific card.

It covers the Flip Card, which adds a whole new dimension to your cardmaking.

But if you prefer the written instructions you will find them Here

Make the card from any papers, patterns and colors that you have.

Try coming up with some unusual combinations, and the color wheel will give you some help on choosing the ones you like.

Then add any bits and pieces from your "Stash" and make the card as elaborate as you wish, to suit the recipient and the occasion.

I will be adding more of these videos over the coming months, to give you a better insight into how to make each of the designs that are featured.

There are also other short Video Tutorials, which cover other various techniques.

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