Flip Card...
... Another "No Measure" Card.

Flip Card ... an easy to make card.

Do you like the idea of adding unusual styles to your cardmaking repertoire, but often can't be bothered to get down to all that measuring?

And even though using dies has become increasingly more popular these cards can be created without that added cost of buying them and the machine to cut them too.

 Let me show you how to get another look you will enjoy ... because with this card you don't need to do any measuring at all.

This is another "No Measure" Card and it is easy to make.

Take a look at the Easy Stepper Card as that is another design  that does not need a ruler to produce it.

Easy Peasy!!

This Tutorial is also in a short video format, so if you prefer to watch then ... Click Here.

Step 1

Fold your A4 card in half to make an A5 sized card blank.

Take your topper and place it onto the left side, with the pretty side of your design facing upwards.

Position it so that it sits in the upper, centre part of your card.

A UK A4 card is a similar size to the US letter size so if you are working with that size card then you can still simply fold it in half to get the desired look that you need 

Draw around the right hand half of your topper, and don't worry these lines will not show once the card is finished 

You are only going to cut around this shape with your craft knife

Step 2

The short lines, at the top and bottom of the shape, are where the card will be scored and folded

Step 3

And when you have done this your card should look like this, in whatever was the shape of your topper.

Step 4

Open the card flat again and add your topper, carefully to this flip panel with double sided tape.

Dress the card as you wish, adding any Embellishments that you have in your stash and make it really pretty.

As usual I have gone to town with the flowers and the pearls, and the photo does not do these colours justice.

The card itself is a lovely dark green, leather look effect, and the pearls and flowers are pale yellow ... Honest!

Have fun with this Flip Card and think about showing us the results...please!

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