Decoupage Butterfly Tutorial

This Decoupage butterfly tutorial is easy to follow, and will make a lovely addition to your card.

Are you looking for some really pretty ways to finish your cards?

You don't need to go to the expense of shop bought toppers ... when you can make your own.

They are easy to do and a whole lot cheaper.

Decoupage has been around for a long time though the way the card maker now applies it is slightly different.

Gone are the long and tiresome layers that had to be applied with varnish

All you need now are some good scissors and some foam pads or glue gel to build the height in your chosen design.

The butterfly is just one idea but this technique can be applied to lots of other images and shapes as well.

This short video will show you the way which is very easy to follow.

It will take you step by step through the process of making this butterfly which can be added to a card for any occasion. 

The pretty image was a digital download and that can be printed off whenever I need it... but the Blog  I got it from is now sadly no longer available.

You will find though that there are many ways to get these pretty insects.

They can be bought as peel offs, or they are printed onto Acetate, you can die cut, punch or free hand draw a butterfly if you wish... but all these idea can be decoupaged for you cards.

Then just add some sparkle with your glue pen and some glitter and perhaps add in some gemstones or pearls along the body piece... and maybe add in the antenna and s a butterfly trail too.  

Whatever you want to do will make it stand out from the page.

And if you have  Picasa then you can change the colour of your digital images  too. 

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