Candle Gift Box Tutorial

Perfumed candles are always a lovely gift and this Candle Gift Box Tutorial will show you how to give them in a stylish way. 

Any time of the year is perfect to give this little gift.

And the ladies will love the perfumed candles that are in all the shops.

There are flower, spices, foliage, chocolate, ginger and all the other aromas you can imagine that can be turned into a neat little package.

Just a few simple steps and your imagination.

The candles them selves are very inexpensive but need some packaging to make them really special.

Please remove the band around the candles before you light them 

There are also video instructions for you to make the Tealight Candle Card but these instructions are to make a gift box for the larger ones.

I got mine from Ikea and if you are lucky enough to have a store near you then it is well worth a visit... (and the meatballs are delicious too!!)

The Tutorial is not long but it will take you step by step through making and decorating both the candles and the box. 

I used the graph paper to give me the size for my box because it is ready lined and ensures that the box will have straight sides to it when I cut the card.

Using this technique will enable you to make a box any size that you want if you place your object in the centre and follow the same steps.

You will of course need to be sure that your good card is the size to make the box and you will need one for the base and one for the lid.

It can be dressed up as you wish but if you are adding lots of embellishments to the candles then don't forget to leave space in the box to accommodate them.

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