Altered Buttons...
...To Match your Designs

When you don't have the right ones these altered buttons can be just what you need and can make pretty embellishments fro your creations.

Using marker pens to alter any of you white buttons

Throughout the design process of producing your own cards there will come a time when you need something that you just don't have....but you have to have it !!

This is when improvisation will come into it's own and with a little imagination you can create an effect that is truly unique to your style of cardmaking.

On other pages I have covered how to alter your Decorative pins  to make them something different, and on this page I will show you how to make a plain white button fit into your designs.

With some permanent marker pens you can add colour to bring your buttons to life. 

 These plain white buttons, of different sizes, have all been altered in some way.

Draw on some flowers, hearts or maybe a tiny face.

Re-colour the whole button or just add spots, stripes or checkered effects to make them fit in.

From plain to to patterned

Try anything that you can draw and they are cheap enough to discard if you don't like what you have made.

Try the effects on coloured buttons too. 

On these buttons I filled the centre with some Glossy Accents.

This has many uses. I use it to create the look if water on many of my cards.

But it is also an excellent glue that can be used to hold small objects in place.

It is also good for glueing ribbon or lace in place too.

It is a cloudy liquid when applied but it dries clear and is very strong.

So into the cente of the Glossy Accents I have pressed some tiny seed pearls and then set aside to dry.

Once the glue is set these can then be added to my cards for a lovely finish.

You could sprinkle some glitter into the centre if you don't have any seed pearls and that would create another look for you to use.

You could also try covering the button with fabric to match your design and the Glossy Accents will hold it in place. But leave it on one side to dry thoroughly before you use them 

There are many ideas that you could come up with and these altered buttons are some for you to try.

Experiment and have fun after all that is what cardmaking is all about.

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