Working From Home

Working from home is the ideal scenario for many people, especially with the world in such a chaotic state. 

Maybe you would like to earn that little bit extra so that you can enjoy the good things in life.

Or do you just want the freedom to work at your own pace, doing what you love the most.

Or are you like me ... retired but not ready to sit on the fence just yet ...

This was my ideal solution.

Would you like to be working from the comfort of your own home? 

This is now an option that is open to all of us, and in whatever area you decide to work in.

With the age of computers it became ever more a reality to be a "work-at-home ..."  person and the possibilities are that are open to you are endless.

WAHM Masters Course

Lots of people would like to have an income for themselves. Maybe as the main earner or just to have the little added extras in life.

Are you a carer for elderly parents, and need an interest for you at the end of the day?

Then working from home could be just the thing.

No matter what your circumstances are there is always something you can do for yourself.

You may be housebound for one reason or another, but want to do something to challenge yourself.

Maybe you have young children at home, and no matter how much we love our children we still need to express ourselves from time to time  But when the kids need you it's hard to think of going out to work outside the home.

I stayed home for many years with my kids, and managing on my husbands wage alone was hard. But that was long before the age of computers (Yes I am a fossil), and so this was not something that I thought I could do.

I did things like potato picking in the summer months, and I could take the youngest child with me. Then I progressed to shop work when they started school. And I even drove taxis for a while to generate some money.

I've worked in a car auction, and on an amusement park and after my divorce I became a driving instructor.

If only computers and SBI had been around then, where would I have been now.

But if you have something you can develop then working from home is an area you need to explore. 

Site Build It!

Whether you want to build your own website, or sell things online the options are there for you.

Perhaps you have a product you want to market, or a service you can offer, then think about promoting yourself via the internet.

The time you have available is worth taking into account. It maybe only a few hours a week, or a couple of days.

But whatever time you have there is something that you can do to earn the extra income you may need, especially in this economic downturn we are all struggling through at present.

Work from your lap or the kitchen table, work when the kids have gone to school, out to play or after their bedtime. The choices are now open to you.

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