Need a Box?...
Then try this easy Wedge Box.

When you need a little box for some goodies...then try this wedge's easy!

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Whenever you need a simple box, then this design is so easy to do.

All you need is one sheet of card, or thicker pretty paper and something to dress it up in.

Make a Template before you start and keep it for future reference.

It will help you to learn what to do and build your confidence too.

Fold your sheet of card in half. (Black dotted line)

Find the center point at the top and bottom and make a small mark. (Black dash)

From the center point to the half way fold score a line. (The pink dashed line)

All these will need to be scored and folded inwards...

...and this is how it will look.

Hold the two flaps together and make a hole through each one, so that they line up.

You can add eyelets to these if you wish.

Thread some pretty ribbon through these holes to keep the box together, and when you tie it in a bow... will look like this.

Now you can decorate it as you wish, according to the occasion that it is for.

Fill it with mini eggs for Easter, chocolate coins for Christmas, confetti for Weddings.

Use it for childrens parties, and add colored pencils, small coloring pads, an eraser, pencil sharpener.

It is big enough to add these items.

How about some mini sized beauty samples for your Mum, and add them to the box.

(Yes all these goodies went into the box...)

Or maybe a lovely selection of crafting goodies for a like minded friend.



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