Beautiful Towel Cakes ...
for an unusual gift.

Easy to make Towel Cakes are much kinder on the hips than the real thing!!

Now I know this is not really a card but it is such a lovely idea that I thought I would include it on the website.

You can always make a seperate card to accompany it and turn it into a really special gift.

It was sent to me by a lady called
Linda McFadden from Scotland, UK
and she has kindly written up all the steps you will need to take to create these Towel Cakes for yourself.

Linda assures me that they are easy to make and can be for any occasion that you like.

I will certainly be having a try myself as I have a new Great Grandchild due this week and this would be a really special way to welcome the baby into the world.

So here especially for you are Lindas instructions on how to make this lovely gift.

When you fold your towels please keep the proportions of your cake in mind.

The length and width should be roughly the same ...that is if the base measures 10" then the height should be 10"to 12" tall.

What you will need to create this cake ...

2 regular sized bath towels (Do not wash or iron)
3 Large safety pins
2-3" long straight pins with clear or coloured heads
3" Satin or Organza ribbon (which you can purchase from a craft/florist shop)
Additional options for embellishiments....small gifts, chocolates, beads, flowers, your imagination can run riot with decorations
A Cake board about 10" in diameter
Florists cellophane wrap to finish
Curling ribbon to complete

Step 1

Lay out both the bath towels so that the shorter ends are together, creating one long length.

Step 2

With the three large safety pins join the two towels together, as shown in the photo.

Step 3

Fold the towels into thirds along the length.

Make sure that the folds, and the ends are even for a neater finish.

Step 4

Fold the towels that are now in thirds in half, again along the length and over the previous fold.

Making sure that folds and ends are still even throughout the length of the towels.

The neater the folds, the better your Towel Cakes will look.

Step 5

Starting at one end, carefully roll the towels into one long roll as shown in the photo.

Try to roll as tightly as possible.

Notice that the roll has a right and wrong side to it.

The edges of the towel show on the wrong side and not on the right side.

Place the finished roll onto your cake board so the the neater, right side is facing up.

Make sure that the top of the roll is relatively flat, and if it isn't then you have not taken enough care in folding and rolling your towel.

Start again until you get it right's well worth the trouble (Honest!!!)

Step 6

Use the straight pins to fasten the ends together and tie the Satin or Organza ribbon around the roll.

Step 7

Decorate your Towel Cakes with beads, flowers, small gifts or whatever you wish in your colour scheme.

Foam pads or double sided tape will hold in place many of these small Embellishments.

Step 8

When the cake is completed wrap in florists cellophane and tie at the top with curling ribbon.

Those are the steps you will need to make this for yourself and both Linda and I hope you will have a go at this imaginative gift for your family and friends.

Show us what you have done with this idea by sending in your photos to the Gallery Page

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