Ribbons and Buckles

Ribbons and Buckles are one of the prettiest ways you can use to add that special look to your cards, and it doesn't  have to be a lot or expensive.

You could even use up some of the scraps that you have lurking around in your "Stash"

Adding ribbon to your card can make it stand out in the crowd but you may not always want to add the big bow that often accompanies it.

Sometimes all the card needs is just a simple know tied around the ribbon and that can be enough ... especially for male cards.

But this effect can offer you yet another look that is in between the two and it is very easy to achieve. 

So make that cuppa and sit back and relax as you let the video tutorial show you the way to get this look for your cards.

The buckle on this card is a faux diamante and it adds that little extra touch.

But you can get the same look from card if you have a punch or a die that can create the buckle for you.

Then once that buckle is cut you can add some gold or silver embossing powder and heat it up to make it look like metal for yet another look to your cards.

You could also add a double sided adhesive sheet and then sprinkle them with Glitter of Micro Glass beads and ring the changes even more.

Adding in a patterned ribbon can also make a difference and if you match it to the colour scheme of your card it look really cool.

I hope you will try this effect for yourself and that you like what you have created once it is done.

This same effect can be created with Paper too and the video Paper Bows will show you how ... maybe not quite as pretty but a good standby never the less.

And is another way to use up some of those  "too good to throw away" scraps.

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