Quad Easel Tutorial.

Make a beautiful card with this Quad Easel Tutorial

This Quad Easel Card truly has the "Wow" factor and is sure to impress all your friends, especially if you are new to cardmaking.

And this tutorial will show you how to get the same results for your creation.

If you prefer to read the steps then here you will find the Written Instructions.

Choose some pretty card for your design and if it is the first time you have attempted something like this then take your time.

It is always a good idea to have a practice run with some cheap card and then save it with your Templates until you need it again.

Templates are always well worth doing because if you don't make a card for sometime then you may forget how.

Write all the measurements down on the card and then a quick referral back to the template will refresh your memory.

Here is the video and I am sorry about the quality, but at least it shows you how it is done....

This is the style of card that can be dressed up as you wish and it will suit most occasions.

But just imagine what it would look like in cream and gold for a wedding card. Add cream flowers, gold ribbons and lots of clear gemstones or cream pearls.

It would surely be a card that the recipient would be delighted with and you can blush in the right places when you say "I made it just for you....."

I hope you will try this Quad Easel Tutorial and I know you won't be disappointed with the result either.

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