Peerless Water Colors

Peerless Water Colors have been around for a long time and they are wonderful paints to work with and as water coloring is really popular in the card making world they are worth considering

Peerless Water Colours

These beautiful Water Colors have been around since 1885 so although you may never have heard of them they are not a new product.

But they are fabulous to work with and I don't think you will be disappointed with your purchase

Peerless Water Colors are unlike other water colors in that they are a dry sheet that is heavily impregnated with concentrated color.

The colors are very vibrant and the tiniest of touches  with your wet brush to the sheet is all that is needed.

A little really does go along way and the colors are so bright but by using more water you can produce many many tones from the one color

There are many different sets that you can buy but please be careful as some of the colors can be repeated in some of the  combinations.

I bought my set of 60 completely different colors of the  Jane Davenport Collection who is a n Australian artist who puts together her own color collection for you to buy.

There are many more colors that you can buy to fill up your personal collection even more if you need to.

They come to you on small swatches but they can be different sizes depending on who and where you buy them from.

My advice to you would be to make some type of system where by the colors are on hand whenever you need to use them.

The video will show you how I have made a simple way to store and use the paints I already have and leave me enough space for any more that I may wish to add in the future

They are a considered purchase but the quality is exceptional and I am enjoying working with them and the more I practise the better I will become with my Peerless Water Colors

As I go along I will add more videos to show you my results and of course you can find many more tutorials on You Tube from some really talented people who will inspire you to try water coloring yourself

And finally ... although they are dry sheets loaded with color,  and they will last you a long time ... they are just the same as other paints in that they will eventually run out of color and will need to be replaced.

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