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For a feminine effect.

Paper Lace is a cheaper alternative to the real thing.

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Do you like the look of lace on your cards?

Well making your own paper lace is a cheaper option than the real thing, and just as effective.

There are many ways to get the look of lace.

Maybe you have a lace punch that will make plain paper look really special.

Or perhaps you are lucky enough to have dies and a die cutter that will give you the look you want.

There is always the option of buying the lace on a roll too, but that can work out expensive if you want to add lots of it.

So here is a cheaper option to achieve the look and it won't break the bank either.

The next time you go the supermarket or the local store look for a packet of Paper Doyleys.

They are very cheap and you will get lots of them in one pack.

They usually come in a mix of sizes in the pack too, and because all the patterning is done for you it is easy to create the rest of the look.

Choose the pattern and size that you want and remove the centre of the circle.

Then ink the edges carefully to avoid tearing the paper.

Cut one side so that you can open up the circle.

Cut yourself a strip of card to fit the card that you are making.

Then carefully pleat the doyley and with some wet glue stick it to the strip.

Although the doyley is curved it will straighten out as you pleat.

Set it on one side until the glue is dry.

Once your glue is dry add a piece of ribbon across the top to hide the untidy edges.

The lace is now ready for you to add to your card.

If you need to you can always join on another strip to make it bigger.

Adding an image and other embellishments to your card can make it really special and the look of lace all adds to the richness.

Use the different patterns and sizes for another look to your cards.

Here is another way to use the smaller doyleys.

Remove the centre as before and ink the edges carefully, but this time don't cut into the circle.

With some wet glue carefully pleat it onto a small punched circle.

Then into the centre of the lace glue in a small paper flower.

Match the inking to the colour scheme of your design.

The flower will be surrounded by the lace and the effect is very pretty.

I am sure that this idea is sure to please both you and the recipient and this will be a card you are proud to give.

Or you could just pleat it to the back of your images to make a very pretty topper for your cards.

Making Paper Lace is a far cheaper option than buying the real stuff and you can make as much as you like from the doyleys in your packet.


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