Faux Leather Tutorial

Another fabulous technique to add to your repertoire ...The Faux Leather Tutorial shows you how.

Not a difficult look to create but it is a fun one to add to your cards, and you can create this in any of the colours you have in your ink pad collection.

It is fun to use this technique for cards that you make as books and can then be dressed up any way you wish.

It can also be used in altered items such as jewelery boxes that may need a little sprucing up.

Then decorate with flowers and gemstones for a sparkly effect.

The image for the card created in this video is "Skater Chick" from the fabulous pen of KennyK Stamps

You will not be disappointed with the characters that you will find there... and there are many for you to choose from for all subjects and occasions.

The video is not a long one but if you would rather read then here are the Written Instructions.

There are also some easy to follow instructions for you to make your very own Blending tools.

This is a really useful little tool that can be quite expensive to buy.... especially if you have lots of different ink pads.

But this is a cheap and cheerful way to get as many as you need from a little bit of wood amd a few screws.

I have a different one for each colour of ink that I have, and that way my ink pads stay true to the colour they are supposed to be and will not get muddied by any of the other inks.

The Faux Leather Tutorial is one of many new ideas in the Tutorials section and with a short video to show you the idea.

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