Make a special card for your 
Fathers Birthday

When it's your Fathers Birthday show him you care with a card especially for him.

We all like to send cards to our Mum for any occasion, but don't forget that your Dad has a birthday too.

And he also deserves to be remembered with a special greeting, and there is none more special than a card that you have made yourself.

Female card ideas are easy to come up with, coz mostly they like girly things like flowers, ribbons and pearls.

And so a bit of added glitz and sparkle can give them a card that  has the "Wow" factor.

But male cards are notoriously hard to think of and it is something most crafters struggle with.

Men don't want ribbons and bows, feathers or glitter, but you will need to do something to make it stand out

This card is as masculine as I could possibly make it  ... well it is for me as I like to add all sorts to my cards !!

But on this one there is not a scrap of glitter or glitz anywhere in sight

The only little thing I did was highlight the words with some tiny gemstones,  and the "With Love" sentiment is.... yep! you guessed it....
 a peel off!

Here is another one using some trendy stripy paper.

It uses a combination of things to keep it masculine.  

I have used eyelets along the right hand side in brown to match the card, and added a cardboard tag in the top left corner with the sentiment on it.

The  "Groovy" bottle top is just an added extra touch, and the swirl at the top and bottom of the panel is a  die cut

The Vintage car is a Pop out decoupage layer and I have added it to the card with foam pads for dimension

Very smart for the Dad in your life is this easy panel card.

The colours are masculine and the layout is simple.

The buttons are used to add the decorations and the image is from PolkaDoodles and comes ready coloured if you don't want to colour in yourself

Just a few ideas that may help you to make your Fathers Birthday Card

There are many of the ideas on other pages can be adapted to make a card that you would be happy to give to your Dad

Just take your time and have a browse around you are sure to fine something that you like 

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