Enlarging Stamped Images

Enlarging Stamped Images is easy to do but they can only be used  for your own personal use.

You can not use this technique if you intend to sell the items that you make, because making the images bigger or smaller has infringed the stamp manufacturers copyright for that image. 

Sometimes the stamps you have are simply too small for the purpose you want them for.

Or you may have used the stamp a lot on other projects and now you are just bored with it.

There is a way to make them bigger, but only for your own personal use and so give you a fresh idea for any of your stamps.

Each one of these stamps in itself is a very pretty and they would make a very good card

All of them were free from a magazine and so that is an added bonus ... 

And once they are coloured in and layered they will top a Christmas card beautifully. 

But I wanted to enlarge the bear with the sleigh and make it into a full sized picture and then frame it

So I stamped the image out using a dark coloured ink, and then scanned it into the computer.

I used some editing software and scanned the image into my photo library.

You can see from this photo how much bigger the stamped image has become.

This will look fabulous when coloured in, and layered on to some mirror or glitter card. 

From here it can then be enlarged and edited just as you would any of your photographs.

I selected print and then chose the size I wanted to make the image. I made mine to fit an A4 sheet of paper, and once printed out it can be coloured to suit your project

I chose a gold picture frame and some cream mount board and turned this small image into a picture that would look lovely on any child's bedroom wall

You could do a set of these pictures with the same theme and give them as a gift and they wouldn't cost you the earth to do them

There are many software programs that will allow you to do this with your stamps and some of them are free 

Have a search on the internet and try one that is easy to use before you splash out on one of the more intricate ones that can be expensive.

You can have a lot of fun enlarging stamped images ... but as a said at the beginning of the post they are only for your personal use and NOT if you intend to sell your work.

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