Eazi Score Board

Some equipment for the new card maker is not necessary but the Eazi Score Board will help you to get professional results with all you scoring and creasing 

Wanting to get a neat finish to our cards is something we all strive to achieve.

But scoring and folding card by hand will leave a rough crease to your design and spoil the look

Using an Eazi  Score Board, or indeed any score board, will help you to get really neat creases to your cards every time and that has to be better than ragged edges that can ruin the look of your beautifully made creation

The Eazi Score Board is a neat and inexpensive way to get the look and will fit easily into your work bag to go with you if you join other crafting groups.

You can get Score Boards from many different companies now and you're sure to find one to suit your budget 

Gift Envelope

The video tutorial will show you the steps I took to get the little gift envelope from start to finish.  I have created one for a wedding gift and the other is pretty in pink for a baby girl

It is a lovely way to give the gift of vouchers or money and you can decorate this any way you wish.

Alter the colours and the sentiment and you have the perfect addition for any occasion for male or female

I just enjoy adding in the flowers, ribbons and pearls to any of my designs to make them super feminine ... but you can dress yours with a lot less

I would say that these are ideal for hand presented gifts or invitations but you would need to add them to another type of envelope to post them 

Eazi Score is the brand name of the UK company Diamond Card Craft, and they  produces these handy boards along with some of other sizes.

One of the larger ones will help you to make some unusual shaped boxes that are ideal for adding gifts too

And a little less expensive than buying them ready made

These boards are suitable for right or left handed users and it comes with a scoring tool in the pack

My favourite one that I use everyday in my craft room is from Crafters Companion and it is the Ultimate Crafters Pro  I have had mine for many years.

Eazi Score Love

The Eazi Score Board is the one, when I need to pack one to take with me, because it is not bulky and it takes up very little room in my craft trolley and it is light to carry too

Take a look it could be just what you are looking for to solve your crafting needs and it won't break the bank either

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