Easter Cards

by Laura

I always make cards for Birthdays, Easter and Christmas for close family but it wasn't until Easter 2012 that I discoverd Card Making Magic.

It helped me plan out the design of my Easter cards, and the videos helped with just about everything.

So I was ready to print off my toppers, and paper for the background of my card, and some other things I was going to use, but what should happen ... 2 days till Easter and I find out my printer had no ink.

So the next day I bought ink, put that into the printer hoping that I could print off my toppers and paper.

But again this did not work out, as I discover the printer has stopped working. With one day to Easter I had to find all my old scrapes of wrapping paper and use them for my paper and my topper.

I had to cut out of a colouring book(not such a bad idea).

My cards were givin out Easter day, although they where not how I planned them to be.

So what I have to say is always PLAN AHEAD or something is bound to go wrong just like my Easter cards.

Christina says

Oh dear! what a frustrating time you must have had
especially so close to the actual celebrations.

I do hope that you now have your printer fixed and working with all that new ink that you bought.

But you are right it does pay to plan ahead amd get all your cards ready well in advance ... this is why card makers make their Christmas cards in July ... though I must admit that I am not that organised!!

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