Die Cut Vase

Create something different from your die cut shapes and make this lovely die cut vase  for your own space.

Take a good look at your dies and see what shapes you can use for this process. Many of them will make beautiful vases.

For my die cut vase I have used the new Designer Card Front Half Teardrop Dies from Card Making Magic and any old cardboard boxes I could find

I have made a video to show you how I did this and once you have cut the shapes the rest is just gluing together.

In the video I tell you the other items that you will need and most are inexpensive household items.

Die Cut VaseDie Cut Vase

I used boxes that had tins in them or packaging from larger parcels that could be cut down for my needs. In fact anything that is not too thick or thin can be used and you will need lots of the shaped .

Plus I used the inside card board from a kitchen towel roll and that did the trick perfectly.

Then I used kitchen towel or toilet roll to wrap around my shape.

The most I spent was on Plaster Of Paris and even that was cheap enough to buy. I got both loose and bandage form but you can use either or both as I did.

The main thing is to have fun and enjoy what you are making and one things is for sure no body else will have the same thing as yo 

Silver Leafed Stand

I was fortunate enough to find an old pot stand in my garage that I cleaned up and to this i added the paint and silver leaf to make it look much more of a luxury item. 

Have a look around the thrift shops and car boot sales and you may be lucky enough to find one for yourself.

Failing that you could add this to anything that took your fancy or simply leave it as a free standing vase on the side as I have shown you here.

Because the die cut vase is made from cardboard you will not be able to add real flowers, or water to the vase but artificial flowers have come along way in the past few years and many of them look very realistic. 

Add with lots of greenery and make your display stand out to grace any corner of your home.

This is the second vase I have created from die cuts and the other one I did in three different sizes.

I will add that video too for you to see the effects you can make and get more from your die cuts in the process.

This set was created with the Pentagon Die Set 

Any of these will make a real statement piece in your own home and is sure to get people asking where you got them from.

Imagine how you will feel when you tell them that you made them your very own  die cut vase 

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