The Zigzag Card

by Anita King
(O'Fallon, IL)

I was just browsing one morning about 1am and came upon Card Making Magic.

When I saw the cards I was like a little girl in a candy store. I was just in awe of how beautiful and whimsical the cards were.

I loved the characters on them so I spent several hours more just looking at every card Christina had.

I emailed her but I felt like I would never hear from her because she was too busy for an unknown like me.

I read her story and I just really like how she got to where she is today. I kept looking at her site though. I came upon the Zigzag card and watched that video until I figured out how to make one.

To make a long story short. I had been selling cards at my job for 5 dollars and card folding books for 12 dollars.

I had bought this book about going into business for yourself in selling cards and read where it would be a good idea to go ask a store that sells exclusive cards. What better store than Halmart.

I am getting to the Zig zag card bare with me (smile). Well, I brought the Zigzag card to work just to show it off and people started saying ...
"Can you make me one" ... then another, then another.

They asked me how much I charge and I said six dollars. One woman looked at me like that was too much. At least I thought that was the look.

So, I had not been to Halmart, but that next day I did and they told me that my cards were worth 12.95. I said I addeded a bracelet and earrings then she said right away.... "That's worth 20 dollars or more" Also, when they looked at my cards they were in an awe. They told me that they were pretty (giggle)

Then they said go look at our cards to get more pricing. To my amazement, I didn't see any cards like the one I made and the pop up cards were 7 dollars and it wasn't like anything I do.

I told the people at Halmart, I don't think I am charging right and because I don't know any better, people are not saying any better.

I went back to work and told everyone who wanted to buy a card from me what I was told and one lady gave me extra. It still didn't pay for how many cards she needed but I couldn't go up on the price after I told them what I charged.

This is truly a lesson learned. Now, after I told them what I had learned I told them I will be charging different now. I felt if they didn't want to pay me what I was worth, because of how good people say they are, someone will. I hope I can post my cards on Card Making Magic.

I also want to thank Christina for contacting me through my Facebook. I needed to hear encouragement and she was the right person to give it to me.

Tomorrow I will take in my prototypes and see if I can get some sales. I am charging 20 dollars for all my cards that have jewerly and I guess 9 for the card itself, because I even personalized the cards for the ones who bought from me putting their poems, making up poems for them, their family names and lots of embellishments.

I even decorated the envelopes. I don't know when it's enough because I enjoy doing the cards. I have given some away free for, Student Appreciation Week.

Well this is about all I have to say, I know I left out something. If you have any comments please don't hesitate to contact me I can take all the advice I can get. Thank you.

With the orange card I forgot to put a bow on it. These are just some and I have done plenty.

These are my simple ones, I will put some of my more lacier cards on this week.

Christina says ...

Oh my Anita when you contacted me I had no idea that your story and your cards was so good. These are aboslutely gorgeous and well worth the money that you are asking.

I bet that shop was more than amazed to see your work and I wish you all the very best in your new adventure. May you get many many sales.

If the people you work with are not willing to pay the price you ask then they will miss out on a wonderful gift.

I am more than happy to post your cards on Card Making Magic and I am honored that you have done so.... and I hope you will add more as you go along.

Now you just wait and see the comments that come in about your story and the gorgeous creations that are here and believe in yourself as they are amazing... and so are you.

I am never too busy to respond to any email that I get and I am an unknown too Anita

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Zig Zag Mother's Day Card/First Lady Card/Wedding Card

by Anita King
(O'Fallon, IL)

I wanted to make something White like a card Christina did, so here is what I did. I made this card with just a little hint of green.

Your comments are always welcome and your pointers too.

Christina says ...

White on white always looks amazing and it is one I never tire of seeing. It suits any occasion and is especially good for weddings.

I am sure that the comments will please you no end but don't forget to tell us how you made each card that you add as others may want to use your style to create their own masterpieces.

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