Christmas Decorations ? Who needs 'em !!

by Pete Gill
(Hull Yorkshire)

Following slowly on after my Antiques story, I bought some Glitter. I thought I would add a bit of sparkle to my creations. Not a good decision on my part.

Getting it out of the container-easy peasy BUT getting it back in after spreading it all over the card, you need engineering degrees for that!

I missed the container completely emptying it all over my slippers ! Dorothys sparkling Ruby slippers paled into insignificance against my Golden Footwear.

There was sparkling all over the house for days afterwards, I still keep finding pockets of it hiding around the house!

However I did manage to make some cards for my family and a few for friends, close ones I must add, everyone said they would rather have one of my efforts as opposed to those 200 for a pound you can get in the shops.

I hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas with those you love. I'll pop another message in, in the New Year, unless of course they have not taken me away!!!?

Christina says ...

Pete you are a born comedian and you really make me laugh with your stories. But just to help you with the glitter problem ... take a piece of newspaper, copier paper, in fact any kind of paper and fold it down the centre.

Place it on your work surface with the item that you want to glitter on top. Then sprinkle the glitter and it will be caught by the newspaper underneath it.

That way you can now hold the paper so that the glitter runs into the crease you made and it acts like a funnel. Pour the glitter back into its container and there you will have it ready for the next time you need it.

And please add some photos of the cards that you make into the Gallery page along with the stories that you tell.

Big hugs xx

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Dec 30, 2014
Christmas Decorations ?

Good morning Pete

Love your story!!!!

At least you can laugh at yourself and share the mishap with others

Dec 29, 2014
by: rinda

hahaha what a good story

Dec 29, 2014
by: Nancy Pence, USA

Pete, your story is hysterical! I, too, would love to see your cards. Christina has given you tried and true information on putting that stubborn glitter back into that little tiny jar! Best of luck!

Dec 29, 2014
Pete's glitter slippers
by: Arlene

Ha, ha, that made me smile, But he should have known that you need a bit of female thinking now and then, man magic is best used for mending boilers and things.

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